And So it Begins

2012-10-15 Bowl vs plate 005

That is the plate I was eating from.  It was a 9 inch plate, a traditional size, unlike the super size dinner plate found today.  It was actually a ceramic tart plate, but I used it as a plate simply because we had moved to Scotland and did not bring our dishes.  I liked that it had blackberries on it, as I had found some wild blackberries last summer and it reminded me of that joyful moment of popping unexpected sweet berries in my mouth.  Quite a size difference to the porringer!

I have switched to eating all of my meals from a pewter porringer.  There are many reasons for this, some are born out of necessity, some from need and most from an experimental urge to change how and what I eat.  In this blog, I will be exploring every possible idea I can come up with about what it means to me to eat from a porringer.

I start with only one rule to follow,  which is to eat all of my meals from this one container.  No other plate, bowls, or packaging are included in the adventure.  Whatever foods I choose to eat must be placed in the porringer, including finger foods.  The food must be able to fit in the porringer with the lid on, the lid must rest on the bowl completely.  That means the volume of the food must fit.  As I am obese, this is partly a way of finding a simple portion control method.  There is far more though behind it and I will be writing about it daily.


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