My Porringer

2012-10-15 Bowl vs plate 011

It’s a lovely porringer.  It was made in France and is well made, heavy and to have a lid is simply marvellous.

It holds 350mls (12 fluid oz. or 1 1/2 cups) of liquid.  Volume wise, I imagine a typical American fast food hamburger would fit with the lid on, or even a large bagel.

In my personal view, I think it holds just enough food to be eaten in one meal.   Today, it is very difficult to comprehend how much food to eat.  We can choose to use food packaging labels, which decide based on the nutritional impact they wish to hide.  Or we can let a restaurant decide for us depending on the profit margin they want to attain.  We can let doctors tell us out-dated diet information, or trust a current diet guru’s latest gimmicky method of eating or even try the scientific numerology concoctions to tell us in the ‘enth degree how many calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates to consume and in what ever-changing ratios are correct.  I shake my head when I realize how deeply imbedded I was in all the nonsense I was for most of my adult life.  I think, what did people do before they had all of this excess information?

I think of my thin grandmother who loved to eat and cook.  She ate all of the foods she loved, she simply didn’t eat a lot of it.  She did not eat with her fingers, out of packages, nor did she eat while standing or walking down a street.  She prepared a meal, put it on a plate, sat down and enjoyed it.  She ate, as they use to say, “like a bird”.  She ate small amounts of food at a time.  The simplicity astounds me.  While I weighed and looked up nutritional information, wrote down every bite, chose food with correct numbers, ate in front of a computer or at my work desk, even in bed at times…..I always ate with an intent other than nourishment.  I binge ate to stuff down emotions, I ate restrictively to lose weight.  I was always on a diet, always fighting my body and my mind in my quest to change what I felt was terribly wrong with how and what I ate.  I continually wondered was it the food or was it me that was the cause of the insanity I was living in.

I am middle-aged.  I am most likely damaged in both body and mind from all the things I have done and believed in when it comes to eating.  None of it was satisfying for long and few had the results I wanted.  At this point, all I want is peace of mind, a simple guide to follow, something that takes away all the rules, has nothing to do with the latest research study’s findings nor causes me to focus on anything other than what is currently in my bowl and did it taste good and did I feel good until the next meal.  That’s how simple I want it to be. 


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