Not Making it Work Yet

2012-10-24 004 Liver pate, mustard and mayonnaise.

This was a midmorning tea nibble.  I don’t want to have midmorning tea nibbles.   Of course this means I cannot claim a 3 bowl day yesterday.  I also ate outside my bowl.  Not any of this is going in the direction I intend, and I have been writing about it in my personal diary but there is nothing enlightening about it to share here.  Last evening I could not finish my dinner and I am guessing my residual cold is still mucking about my eating decisions.  I am not hungry most of the time, but I am still seeking comfort in eating.  Sometimes it almost works, sometimes it does not.

Again today, I will attempt to stick to the three bowls and find other things to do to fill in the long hours that pass too quickly.


Breakfast- 2 eggs, 2 rashers, 2 coffee with whole milk (porringer)

Midmorning tea- liver pate, mustard, mayonnaise, pot of tea (porringer)

Midmorning binge- 6 small fish cakes, stuffing side, Horlicks drink (plate)

Dinner- 4-5 bites coq a vin (could not eat much) glass of wine. (porringer)

No after dinner coffee, had a glass of water


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