Forgot the Bread

I just realized that I completely missed mentioning that on TOP of all that was going on yesterday, I also baked 3 loves of dense rye bread for husband’s Christmas party.  That meant I was dealing with packing up the treats while smelling baking bread!


Theses are the breads, I am baking two more today.


These are covered in a towel to keep dry in the refrigerator.

Since I am taking photo’s, this is it for what I generally keep stocked:

016 Normally the veggies would be in the drawer.  Yogurt, rashers in the plastic container, salami, pate in the dark container, the tin is empty it usually has apples in it.  The Guinness is not usually there, but we share one now and then.  When I think of the huge double door fridge we had when we owned a home and look at this mini one we have now, I smile.  This size thing is mind bending.  My husband can’t get over how small my porringer is to eat from.  The smaller the sizes, portions and so on that I get used to, everything else seems so massive.


This was a meal from a day or two ago.  Cumberlands with chopped cauliflower, grated carrot and brown gravy. 


Often, at lunchtime, I eat with a tiny spoon or pickle fork.  It’s just to slow me down when eating and it really does help make me more aware of how the food tastes when not cramming it in my mouth in a hurry.  When eating alone it is harder for me to pace myself.  I used chopsticks a lot too, but there is something more nurturing about a spoon.  I am on the hunt for the perfect spoon, not this small, but not as big as the one I have now that I love the weight and shape of, but it is too big to comfortably fit in my mouth, with the depth of the spoon bowl.


One thought on “Forgot the Bread

  1. ephemeralana says:

    baking bread is fun. I should do that sometime again.

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