The Incredible Heaviness of Being

Not having much to say these days.  Not bingeing, but eating a handful of biscuits every morning with my midmorning pot of tea.  Today I also had eggrolls this afternoon and became sick from them. Since when do eggroll have corn in them? Terrible stuff. I tried to eat a few bites of dinner and pushed it aside.  Just not happening.

Longing to be back in ketosis and will be working on that pronto. 

I took a couple of walks this week and was upset at how I could hardly breathe in the bitter cold and how it aggravated nearly every muscle in my body when trying to walk on the icy ground.  I went to feed the birds this morning and I hurt by the time I got home and was wheezing.  It was cold!  I had to wear my rabbit fur earmuffs.  Yeah, that cold.




I still need to work on our holiday meal plans, maybe I can get that done tomorrow.  Husband said he wants it simple and wholesome, so it will probably be a roast beef for Christmas and lamb for New Years.  We’ll see.  We have set aside a few bottles of really excellent wine and we need a bottle of good whisky so we can have Irish coffee’s with cream in the evening closer to the holidays.  If I can keep it here in this vein, I can keep it low carb.

I am back to feeling like a lead weight and tired all the time.  Once wheat and sugar get back in my system, I feel the incredible heaviness over take me.  My mood plummets and depression is knocking at the door.

I swore I would not do it, but jumped into my nutritional program to check on where I would be at with everything if I ate basically the same thing every day.  Since we always eat the same thing for breakfast, I could also eat the same thing for lunch and let dinner be some sort of half meat and half veggie.  This is still eating from the porringer, but I did measure and weigh the coffee and cream, and the wine to get the most accurate calorie counts.  I used the carrot as the veggie counts, as that is the highest carb count in veggies that I eat.  So I think for most days, I would be just under 1200 calories with a ketogenic 5% carbs, moderate 15% protein and high 70% fat intake.  This is considered the optimal levels for a ketogenic diet for weight loss.  The calories are the least important number, but I feel better when I stay under 1600 calories.

So the only change I would make from what I doing, is the consistent yogurt lunch.  In a way, this might help me from giving food too much thought during the day and the pro-biotics would be a tremendous help.  I found one that has live cultures in a local shop.  Tastes good too.

Perfect Diet Tracker - elisa is currently logged in_2012-12-11_06-07-05

So this is my plan starting tomorrow.  See if I can get back to feeling good again.  I am once again in the recovery period.  Drat it all to hell. Grains and sugar be damned.


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