Our Christmas Meal

We kept our Christmas meal pretty simple this year and didn’t load up on side dishes or homemade desserts.  For one, I didn’t really want to invest in the pantry ingredients like sugar and flour and all the other stuff, and for second, neither of us wanted tons of sweet stuff on hand.  When we were in Glasgow yesterday, we picked up a mini tin of Danish cookies, some marzipan batons, and chocolates so that I could avoid all home baking and excess.

Dinner was a roast beef and root veggies.  I did not make the yorkshire pudding I originally had planned on.  Thankful that I didn’t. 




Altogether the veggies were a leek, 1 yam, 1/2 swede, 2 turnips, 2 carrots and 3 potatoes.  The potatoes went to husband, I had some of the rest, but there is still some leftover.


Veggies ready to add to the roast beef.  Stuffed with sausage mushroom caps.

I baked the roast in the cast iron dutch skillet for 1 hour (150c) and poured off the juices for the gravy.  I added the veggies and checked after another hour and it was all done!  I had expected another 30 minutes to an hour, so I was caught off guard with that and did not have time to bake the mushroom caps!  That will have to wait for tomorrow’s dinner of leftovers.

Christmas 2012 001

The roast turned out great!  I had cut slits in all over the top and inserted garlic cloves, seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and a general seasoning mix. The juices made a fabulous deep rich sauce, I have to say one of my best attempts!  Ib dashed some wine in the sauce, so that may have made it bloom with those juices!

Christmas 2012 002Christmas 2012 003Christmas 2012 004

The fork is a huge meat fork, the roast is quite large and did not shrink as much as I expected it would. Light pink in the middle (so tender!) and nicely brown around the edges. 

Christmas 2012 005 The wine was one of our favourites, bad photo because it is not hot pink, it is a deep burgundy colour.

039 Lagunilla Rioja Reserva.  So deep, rich and earthy.  80% tempranello, 20% granacha.  Aged 2 years in oak barrels.

Later, Ib made Irish coffee with:

001 YUMMM!!!

Christmas 2012 010Christmas 2012 011

We had a few treats with the Irish coffee.

Much later, a final touch…..whisky and chocolate!

Christmas 2012 032

Today I will be making risengrod the old fashioned way and we’ll have leftover beef and veggies, plus I want to try a traditional Christmas pudding:


So nice that these things are so small….


Just perfect for two people and not left with too much in leftovers.



I realise that this is all image heavy and it is actually a copy from another blog I share with family, so it is all cheerful and meant to be light-hearted.

So I want to show what we ate, how we kept it minimal, how we wanted to have a nice Christmas together as our last three were ‘’situationally’’ separated.  Last year I was in Hawaii with my daughter, both years before that, I was home waiting for husband to come home and he got dispatched at the last minute and was away making deliveries.  It was important to us to celebrate several things together this Christmas, one of them being a really nice meal together since we are so sparse otherwise.

For us (as with most people) food is a source of sharing and celebration, but for us, it is getting more difficult to tolerate the foods we once enjoyed.  Both of us noticed this morning that the above grains and sugar wrecked havoc on how we feel.  I had only two shots of whisky (I had planned on more but just couldn’t), and had perfectly normal portions of treats, (actually on the small side) and yet my body seems to be bloated, a mass of fluid retention and my joints ache.  Husband says he also feels bloated and uncomfortable.  This was after many hours of walking yesterday and lots of fresh air.  The fatigue today is incredibly annoying and it seems at our age, these things are felt so much more than ever in the past.

oh, I forgot, we did share a fish and chips for lunch:


One piece of fish each and the tray closest is mine, with the amount of chips I ate. (more starch and grains).

Today, I plan on at least tasting the Christmas pudding for our first year in the UK and I will have some of the risengrod, but other than that, I can feel that the grains and sugar must be taken back out of the diet, for even this much for Christmas is doing damage I cannot afford.

Oh, and for good news, I finally have health care and several appointments set up in January…so perhaps all will get a good evaluation and I can work on this weight and wellbeing thing with a better understanding of what I need to do.


One thought on “Our Christmas Meal

  1. tenuosity says:

    Looks absolutely delicious! Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours! All the blessings of the season from our house to yours. 🙂

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