Counting Calories is an Eating Disorder

Sigh, THANK YOU for saying it out loud. Dr Eenfeldt.

I noticed the comments defending counting.  We always defend our eating disorder, for without it, we are lost.  I cracked a big wry smile seeing the trend for Paleoist’s to be counting calories.  I was very into Paleo before it became commercial.  You don’t need a book or a plan or a list to eat paleo.  Ray Audette had it right the first time, you don’t have to cook food to eat it, but if it is not edible raw, it’s not supposed to be eaten to begin with.  How simple is that? 

I made the decision to stop blogging about my ED and my binges and my personal life frustrations and let go of it all in favour of the positive influence of eating from a bowl.  I am moving blog once more to attempt to stay on the path I once strived for and keep getting side tracked from.  I am finding myself stuck here in and endless cycle and clinging to the ED persona too much for any chance of allowing my sense of wellbeing to develop.

Find me here, if you are still interested in the bowl project and eating from it.  I plan on making it a more pleasant haven than this rant and raving blog has been.  I promise, no more diet/eating/bowl blogs after this one, if I can’t make a go of it, I will quit altogether.


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