indian copper serving bowl - Bing Images - Opera_2013-01-06_13-14-40

I found information on my copper bowl.  It is the most common serving bowl in Indian households, usually holding lentils, curries, puddings or liquid based foods.  How exciting, I suspected it was a curry bowl.  wish I had the lid.

I have been thinking of changing the name of the blog, to a more general bowl term, as I may yet continue to delve into bowl fetish lol.


One thought on “Haandi

  1. tenuosity says:

    Wow! What good fortune and a bargain to find it at the price you did! I looked online for this style but couldn’t find it unless ordered from some shopping places in India directly, and the prices were exorbitant!

    Well done! I LOVE that bowl and will be on the lookout for one of my own! 🙂

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